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Peter Barron is the man behind the popular 'Headline Challenge' on BBC Radio Tees.

Since 2009, every weekday, Peter has chosen a funny story from somewhere around the world, come up with a headline, then challenged listeners of the radio station to think of something better.

The Headline Challenge was cited as a factor in BBC Tees winning a Sony Award in 2014.

The only downside is that there are double points for song titles - which means that the BBC Tees audience sometimes has to endure Peter's awful singing.

Peter has also been stepping in lately as a presenter on a number of BBC Tees shows.​

To listen to Peter on the Headline Challenge with the late Ali Brownlee, click the icon below.

Peter - 07711 958272

​heather - 07855 221938

Peter's television presenting debut was broadcast January 23, 2017 for the BBC 1 current affairs show, Inside Out, and he has now presented the programme twice, the latest being an investigation into the future of local newspapers.

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